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We will use an angel card deck to give readings. This way, we can channel your angels and passed loved ones.


What is it? Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method. It involves working with your guardian angels and archangels. It’s not religious. And it’s not about worship. Everyone has guardian angels and connecting with them helps create more peace in life. Why do it? Everyone, at some point in their life, has faced challenges when all options are exhausted and they feel a profound need for assistance. It can be work, money, health or relationships. Angels can give clear guidance in many areas. They’re practical helpers who intervene in our everyday lives, but you must ask for their help, because angels don’t impose on anyone’s free will. Connecting with them gives a sense of familiarity, love, and recognition. Besides the chance to tap into your purpose. How can we help you? You could choose to use Angel Therapy for your personal needs and we will help you connect with your angels. We can help you connect with specific Archangels as well - like Michael. He is a powerful healing angel who fights evil. Connecting with him will help you get rid of harmful issues.

We can also train and certify you to conduct Angel Therapy for others. In our workshop, we will cover the basics of understanding Angels and Archangels, how to connect with them, the Angel signs and meanings, Angel numbers and much more. Each workshop is for 7 days and the cost is ₹10,000/-. To get updates about the next workshop, please connect with us.
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