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Runic inscriptions are said to hold magical powers.


What is it?

Runes are an alphabet that was used in ancient Northern Europe. Each rune has a name, sound and meaning, related to a cosmological principle or power.

Why do it?

Rune stones or cards can help one predict the future, protect against misfortune, write spells and more. They can be used to help us understand ourselves and the surrounding world better by allowing us to ask questions and then looking to the rune stones for answers.

Why use it ?

We can help conduct rune readings that get you in touch with your subconscious self that is in tune with the Universal energy, and interpret these readings. With this, you get the choice to change your direction in life.

We can also train and certify you to conduct Rune Readings for others. The course is for 7 days and the cost is ₹4500/-. To get updates about the next workshop, please connect with us.
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