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The lockdown, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has created an almost unlivable situation for many villagers, senior citizens, migrants and children. Many of them have barely one meal a day, sometimes less. The source of work and earning has been cut off for many and they cannot afford to take care of their families. The situation is very bad in many places. From early April, 2020, Lotus Rescue has been cooking for, serving and supplying essentials for the people of West Bengal. We initially supported 100 people, then 500 and once Cyclone Amphan hit, we started helping over 1,000 people.

Our teachers, cooks and support staff have been putting their own lives on the line everyday, by going out during the lockdown to give food and essentials. The women who Lotus Rescue supports through the year, have been making and distributing masks to help protect the people around them. 



The teachers and support staff of Lotus Rescue are now cooking for, serving, and handing out essentials to over 1,000 people across villages in West Bengal. To continue this, we need your monetary support.

Lotus Rescue
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